Star Christmas Ornament - Natasha Polite

Star Christmas Ornament

Hi crafty friends! The holiday season is upon us and I have the perfect project for you to create to spread cheer. I used the Evergreen collection to make a star ornament that can also be used as gift packaging or simple decor.


This project is ideal for using left over paper strips. The Evergreen collection is perfect because it is double sided and sturdy. To begin, you will need 12 - 6 inch strips that are 1/2 inch wide. You can adjust the width, but I went with 1/2 inch for the ornament pictured. Consider using the coordinating washi to add a bit of sparkle as I did.

Once you have your strips decorated and cut, fold them in half. This will help you line things up. Divide the 12 strips into 2 groups of 6 taking into consideration the design and order that you would like them. You will now arrange them into a woven pattern, allowing strips to overlap and alternate which is on top. Use the fold as a guide for where the center of each strip should lay. Once all in place, go through and add glue. It should look something like this.

Take the two strips in each corner and allow them to meet. Bend the strips so that the pattern on the back is now showing. It should look something like this when you put the corners together.

Repeat on all of the corners. Once completed, you will have one half of your ornament formed.


Repeat this process for the other side of the ornament using the remaining 6 strips.


Once both halves of your ornament are formed, place them on top of one another. Each point should align with a strip.


Insert each strip through the aligned point.


Try to center them with the points. Adhere this strip into place and cut off any of the excess strip that hangs over the point.


Now you have completed your ornament!

At this point, I clean up any of the excess glue that may be present and pick which side I like best. I then pick a tip to punch a hole. Using the thin gold washi, I create a hanging element for the ornament. Simply fold the washi tape onto itself and string it through the hole.

I used one of the circle sentiments from the collection to adorn the center of the ornament. It fit perfectly!


If you decide to turn this into a Christmas tag for a gift, you can use the To/From stamp that coordinates with this collection and add it to the back.


You can find me on IG @PoliteCreations and YT as Polite Creations. I hope you have a happy, crafty day! Happy Holidays!

- Natasha


The Evergreen Collection:
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