Why do I do motivational speaking?

A couple weeks ago, I was the keynote speaker at Planner Con and it was "ME CHANGING." I say that because the more I give and share, I feel it has been worth it. The more I connect and share my BOLD truths, the more I get back. I am inspired by everyone I meet. I love to know their stories. 

This is Jerodelle.
I am going to share her story right now... in her own words:

"Get the tissues ready but, I can tell you that the ending is good because I am alive today :)

I was born “normal” with no indication of becoming sick but this is where it all started. At 6 months old, I got this disease called Purpura fulminans ( -an acute, often fatal, thrombotic disorder which manifests as blood spots, bruising and discolouration of the skin resulting from coagulation in small blood vessels within the skin and rapidly leads to skin necrosis and disseminated intravascular coagulation).

This started out with a diaper rash in which my parents were not too concerned about. One day, my mom came home from work to pick me up from my nanny and there it was. Everywhere. BLOOD. I was drenched in my own blood and as my mom picked me up, my veins were exploding left and right. She rushed out and got in the car with my dad to drive me to the nearest hospital. Of course, there was traffic on the way there so, she got out of the car, and ran. She ran as fast as she could to “save me”.

Upon arrival at the hospital she had no idea how to even communicate to the hospital staff, you see, my parents did not speak a lot of French which Paris, France is where it all happened. They quickly admitted me where I underwent a series of tests. which concluded that I had Purpura Fulminans.

After hours of waiting in the waiting room, the doctor finally went up to my parents and said “Do you believe in God?”. 

My parents quickly replied “Why?”  The doctor replied - “He is the only one that can save your little girl”.

At that point I wasn’t responding to treatments and I could not breathe and/or eat on my own. My legs were losing circulation and you could see my limbs turning blue. The doctor knew the fatal rate of anyone surviving this deadly virus. There was a slim to non chance of my parents losing me and so, they got on their knees and prayed. All day, all night.

After one of the hardest nights in my parent’s lives, the doctor went up to them in the late hours of night and he said “I can’t believe it, your daughter is a miracle. Out of the 99.99% of people that have died from this deadly disease, she is the 00.01%”. He explained to my my parents that from that day on, it would be an uphill battle because of the trauma my body had endured. Because of the explosions of my veins, it, gave me severe bone malformations in my legs and numerous scars and scar tissue. 

Fast forward to me being 7- 8 years old, I was hospitalized, again. But this time, to straighten my left leg. You see, my veins exploding left me pretty much bow legged. Little did I know, I was going to have to fight for my life, yet again. I have gone through over 30 surgeries, it started with a very painful leg brace ( which was pretty much pins going through my left leg to help straighten the leg ) multiple casts from my hips down to my knee down but I will tell you that the hardest part of it all was that first step. I remember standing there for the first time in 3 years I was standing. and I remember feeling the rush of blood going down my leg. and all I could do was cry.

Faith was never something I lost or even questioned because quite honestly, that was the only thing I had and still have. I knew that my Father would take care of me and that everything was temporary and that trusting him above all things was the most important thing I could ever do.

You see, I didn’t know that when I made that first step, it would mean to stand up for myself and ALWAYS look at the positive. My body has endured so much and there are days that, I do feel bad but I always try to remember this - It could be worse. It REALLY could be worse. I have one life to live and I choose to live it in the most positive way possible. Could it be better? of course.  These are my scars, My scars are a part of me, they also tell my story. My body is my story.

There are so many things about my situation that I would love to change like  financially struggling but I know that if I keep being myself and hustle, there is something out there for me. I don’t know how, where or what but I can feel it in my bones that meeting you has been a turning point in my life."


Here is a little video I posted about being a speaker. I feel privileged to meet you and for people like Jerodelle who remind me to keep sharing. Our hard makes us all stronger if we choose. Look for the good in the bad.

It's truly a blessing to share and speak even when I feel super vulnerable. I spoke to 1,200 plus attendees in San Francisco at Planner Con- March 2019. I talked about being the VIP of your life. For me, I don't want to get up on stage and have a "brag fest" or sell you on me. I want to sell you on YOURSELF. 

I wrote my book because I knew it would help others and sharing my hard has helped me in seeing the value of our telling our struggles. I love to share how YOU can overcome the worst hard and hardest times and be a SURVIVOR.

You can still be HAPPY.

You can find GOOD in the BAD.

I believe STRIVING daily to choose to live a happy and positive life


It's changed my life.

YOU... I want you to know you are the real VIP- the real celebrity of your life.

I want you to feel YOUR WORTH. I want you to feel your ENOUGH.

This Thursday I spoke to 300 people in Huntington Utah to a group of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I  talked about "YOU ARE ENOUGH." My heart felt so much  gratitude for this opportunity. It is my biggest hope that when I speak that others FEEL their enough. I hope they see that although I have felt unloved, unwanted and LESS than... I took that power back. I stood up TALL and decided to own that beautiful power within me.

We were BORN enough. We can change that negative thought pattern that the WORLD tells us... that we don't measure up. NOPE! We can say NO to the media and unsubscribe to the people and images that say... "YOU DON'T MEASURE UP."  It's a lie. The world wants us to compare and compete. I believe we need to BUILD others and ourselves. You my friend have NEVER been nor will ever be less than.

I love you. Remember... YOU LACK NOTHING!

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